for Fall...(some spooky things)

(if any of you are even checking this blog anymore... Sorry! I promise to get better... These were taken on my recent trip to Scotland. EOS 1D and a Lensbaby.)


migo's house. (st. louis)



RIP... Johnny C.

I was a wide eyed fresheman, having just started a new school district when i went to high school. I didn't know anyone and i was taking it all in. My first PE class we were all assembled, listening to Coach Portis talk about what our semester would look like. And, rolling up late to class with his schedule in hand, was Johnny.

He was cool. He was a junior i think, and all i could think was that guy is cool. He had the long hair and chicks loved him. He got along with everyone. He was also notorious for having the loudest, deepest bass in any sound system in any car i had ever heard... a ride in his car meant having your intestines massaged by Rob Bass. Keep in mind, this was a time when this wasn't the cliche it is now.

Over the years i would get to know him better, and i'm sure he probably saved my life at one point, as he was always the designated driver keeping an eye on all of his younger brother's friends (us). He was a kind person, and a softy, no matter how cool he wanted to come off. It is with profound sadness that i publish this post. We will miss him.


May 1 2006